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  Szekler-land (’Székelyföld’, as it’s called by the locals) is inhabited by a special group of Hungarians, called Székelys, whom some still consider descendents of the Huns of Attila. Their land has the most striking national and cultural characteristics in the whole Transylvania.

The landscape is breathtaking as well, to say the least: dramatic mountains of volcanic origin covered by dense pine forests, deep canyons bordered by rocks often several hundred meters high and remains of past volcanic activities (gas-emissions with healing effects - so-called ‘mofettas’ - mineral water springs etc) are abundant.

   Even among all this exuberance, some sights stand out: the Saint Anne lake and the ‘Mohos’ are two wonderful crater lakes formed in the calderas of ancient volcanoes (the later one has  turned into a muskeg and hosts some rare species of flowers not found anywhere else). A panoramic view of the Saint Anne lake is visible on top of the page.


 Similarly astonishing sights are the Killer Lake (Lacu Rosu), formed in 1838 when a collapsing mountain blocked a nearby creek (the top of the pines covered as a result by water are still visible today) and the narrow Békás Canyon, snaking through huge rocks – even the road was built employing several tunnels and neck breaking zigzags.


 Most of the Székely villages still retain their archaic atmosphere and fine examples of popular architecture and craftsmanship are on display everywhere. A traditional Székely gate is shown on this photo.