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About us
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sasori fanficsasorisasorisasori Welcome! Isten hozott! Bun venit! Willkommen!

... and Tervetuloa!

Nemere Tour is a Finnish-owned Romanian tour operator, based in Cluj (Kolozsvár), right in the heart of Transylvania. Our goal is to make Europe's best kept secret - the natural and historical heritage of Transylvania (also known as the Switzerland of Eastern Europe) - available to foreign visitors, in a safe and environment-friendly manner. Our tours are specifically designed to cater for the needs and expectations of Northern and Western European visitors. Our guides' extensive experience in guiding Western-European and North-American groups visiting Transylvania, combined with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the expectations of Scandinavian tourists guarantee  that our guests will receive the highest level of service, meeting even their most specific expectations. We are prepared to do everything to make your trip to Transylvania an unforgettable one.

Please take your time to explore the rich heritage and history of Transylvania, as well as our rich offer of tours and additional activities. We are sure that no matter what your interest is - cultural heritage, history, folk art, mountainering - you will find what you are looking for on our site.  We also welcome tour operators around the world interested in providing high quality tours in Transylvania to their customers.

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No matter where you are from, Transylvania is yours to discover!